Friday, July 25, 2014

More of Him, less of me

Anxiety...fear, worry, loneliness, sin.

"Have more faith."
"Pray about it."
"Just trust God."  ...they all reply.

I need more. That's not enough. The common responses from fellow Christians tend to require more of me, more action on my part. I know people are just trying to be helpful, however I can't do it on my own, those things haven't worked for me. I don't think many of us truly understand anxiety, but most of us experience anxiety, constantly! I know I didn't fully understand it and still don't completely. My main question through all of this searching became: What about Him? What's His role in all of this?

I've been working through the study: The Gospel Centered Life  this summer and the root message is More of Him, less of me. Thinking about this and meditating on Matthew 6:25-34. I came up with the following on how to bid my anxious fears:

v.25- Trust God with the details- He's got this. More of Him, less of me

v.26- I'm valuable, precious in His sight- all because of what His Son did for me. More of Him, less of me

v.27.- Worry/Anxiety- more harmful than helpful- WAIT? When Me, Myself and I try to figure out a solution to every possible problem or potential issue and stress out like crazy it's creating more problems. More of Him, less of me

v.30- We are the crown of His creation, He will take care of me. More of Him, less of me

vs.31-23- When I, me again, worries I am forgetting His promises and diminishing His power. More of Him, less of me

Oh the Father's love...

So summing it all up God revealed these steps to me and they WORK!

1) Identify: I am anxious! I am worrying! I fear ____.

2) Recognize: I can't make it stop. I can't make it go away. I am powerless.

3) Release: Give up! Let go, let God, release my control and power to Him

4) Reside: He's got this! He's go me! He can handle it.

I put so much pressure on myself to be prepared for any and every circumstance when all I really need to do is STOP- Identify-Recognize-Relax-Reside in HIM!

More of Him, less of me

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