Sunday, May 4, 2008


Sitting in church today listening to a sermon labeled "Live your life outside of the box: Taking risks" got me to thinking about what risks have I taken in my life? I tend to play it "safe" as most of us do and today I realized how boring and how faithless it is to be like that. Taking risks means giving God an opportunity to show his display his power, and I have failed. So many of us do each and every day. We get scared, we worry, we have anxiety, but what does playing it "safe" really accomplish? Nothing.
In a few months I will be moving halfway across the country to teach in a city where nothing and no one is familiar to me. I have never been away from home for more than 2 weeks and worry constantly about what my future holds. However, God has proven faithful to provide constant reminders that He is in control, and this is a risk, but it won't be worth it unless I release my control over the situation and place it in His hands. And that is what I think taking risks is all about. Not just making the choice to do something, but making the choice to give up the control. Start taking risks and start letting go. One of my favorite sayings... "Let go and let God."

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